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Below are some of the ways we can work together.  I offer Reiki sessions, Soul Portraits and Lightwork Journey's.    Get in touch if you have any questions. I'm not the practitioner for everyone so have a scroll through my offerings and see if working with me feels right. I look forward to hearing from you.​


Reiki Treatment Devon


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy channelling, 'Rei' meaning universal 'Ki' meaning energy/life force.  As the practitioner, I act as the guide or channel for the Universal Energy to clear your energy field and reset the energy centres (Chakras).

These sessions are a great introduction to energy work and aim to clear blockages in your energy system, activating your body's own healing abilities.  Reiki sessions are very gentle and suitable for everyone, adults and children and can help with a variety of issues both physical and emotional.

The Reiki sessions I offer are designed to be empowering for the individual and steeped in Love and Light.

Sessions are held at the Rose and Crown Clinic, South Molton

£45 per 1 hr session

(Block bookings available)

Wheat Field


Lightwork Journey's are for those who wish to work with me over a series of sessions whilst they are planning or moving into a new phase of their life.

I work at the soul level of your being, channelling and restoring beautiful universal energy, leaving you feeling calm and re-energised.  These sessions are individually tailored depending on the person I'm working with and include a combination of Reiki, creative planning assistance, Body Prayers and meditations.  The Lightwork Journey's help to activate your True Self and reconnect you at a deep, soul level, restoring your spiritual well-being. They empower your True Self so you can make decisions based on Love and a deep sense of purpose.  We will share ideas, create and move into a more purposeful, joyful way of living your life.

I support people during key moments in their life, such as:

  • Age milestones

  • Planning a Wedding

  • Becoming a Parent

  • Change of Direction or Career

I work from the healing space of The Coach House in the courtyard of the Rose and Crown Clinic.

Contact me to enquire for more information.



Spend time connecting to Mother Earth in these gentle, relaxed portrait sessions. We will create a collection of images that hold the Love within and let your True Self shine through. Deeply healing and empowering session in an outdoor location close to your heart.

Portrait Photography Devon.jpg


I have combined my passions to give women a deeply beautiful and empowering session.

  • 1hr Reiki session

  • Soul Portrait session

Clear and re-centre with a Reiki session and feel the deep love from Mother Earth as we will create a gallery of magical images that reflect your true beauty.  These images are yours to download and keep as a reminder of your strength, beauty and empowerment. 


Holding Hands


During this spiritual transition towards married life, connect with your Soul and create a wedding filled with Loving, creative energy. Fully emerse yourself in the joyful process of planning a wedding that truly reflects who you are as a couple. Receive intuitive guidance and energy clearing from start to finish. Receive support and empowerment for your Soulful decisions, from venue to dress to flowers, all offer insights and symbolism that deepen your connections to the wedding planning process and marriage beyond.Planning a wedding is a beautiful, magical time, embrace every moment! 





Reiki Practitioner | Lightworker | Mother | Photographer

I qualified as a Reiki practitioner in 2007 and have since developed my own style of Energy and Soul work. I regularly work with an amazing spiritual mentor Julie who guides and deepens my own journey. 
I love empowering people to realise their dreams and discover the gentle power of Energy work. 
I also work as a family and soul photographer, capturing beautiful adventures in the great outdoors (

I was brought up in South Molton where my parents started the Rose and Crown Complementary Health Clinic over 30 years ago. I moved away to Derby to study BA (hons) Creative Expressive Therapies where I later met my husband to be. We now live back in Devon with our three children, embracing life near the sea and moorlands. 



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South Molton, Devon, United Kingdom

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